Patio seating open now

With summer just around the corner…we are excited to announce that our outdoor patio is officially open!!!

We cannot wait for you to join us!!!

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  1. Paula Driscoe says:

    Really happy to have you back! We posted this to TravelAdvisor yesterday:

    So glad to be back at our favorite restaurant, Mykonos. How lovely to sit outside, in the dappled sunshine, under the vine covered canopy, and eat wonderful Greek food, as only Mykonos can make it. Delicious. The staff and owner came and talked to us to tell us about all the steps they are taking to guarantee our safety and that of their staff, so that we don’t have to worry. They are regularly checking temperatures of their staff and delivery people, getting face masks for everyone, taking care not to touch items that we might also touch, the list goes on. Their care and knowledge was very evident. We felt very safe. We really loved being back.


  2. Russ suniewick says:

    Thank god!! Been experiencing separation anxiety and losing too much weight. See you really soon. Will you be doing reserved patio seating?
    Russ and Nancy Suniewick


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